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Over 2000 Wildly Entertaining Shows To Date
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Mangey Moose
Jackson Hole, WY


YOUR SHOW can be customized to fit your exact needs. Typically, we play an hour and a half all request, audience interactive, sing-a-long show, in which your guests drive the song selection. That being said, we still have a few guidelines we will confirm with you prior to the beginning of any show.

  1. What kind of "rating" would you like?
    We can 'guide' your show to be squeaky clean or brilliantly filthy. Again, this is request driven, so it all depends on your guests, ultimately you are the boss, and we will "rate" the show based on your decision.

  2. Is there anyone you would like us to "play" with?
    Maybe the boss has a good sense of humor, or there are some characters among your group, let us know... We love to get everyone involved, and with your suggestions, we can usually get everyone "playing" along.

  3. What about Tips?
    In a typical dueling piano show, it's the tips that drive the song order. Songs are played in the order of the money on the song, and any song can be stopped for one dollar more that the original request. Tips are an important part of the DUEL in dueling pianos, but substitutions can be made. Let us work out a perfect solution for your event.

1. Weddings
2. Fund Raisers
3. Fairs & Festivals
4. Fringe Dates and Tours

Downtown River Jam
Monroe, LA
For bookings please contact: Troy Baldwin | 801.604.4414 |